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Save Life Spread Smile is a subsidiary unit of Ghum India Ghum and a one-stop platform that offers a variety of medical treatments in India as part of its humanitarian endeavour to serve humanity. Our unrivalled knowledge, top-notch doctors, extensive experience, and premier hospitals enable us to dominate the Indian medical tourism market.

The patient can receive affordable treatment packages in India from Save Life Spread Smile. In addition, it is made sure that the patient and any accompanying person have a comfortable stay in India, which aids in their quick recovery.

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Medical travel in India offer a range of services which include cardiolovascular , IVF, Orthopeadic, Laproscopic surgery, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Neuro and Spine Surgery among others.

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IVF Treatment

What do you need to know about IVF treatment in India?

With the expression of childbirth in mind, a family or mother feels it as a significant achievement in life. As we all know, there is a phrase that says that childbirth makes a woman feel motherly love. Hence, at a point in time, couples try for kids. 

However, due to some circumstances, they may not be able to achieve their goal. Anyone can have the problem of infertility. Both men and women may be suffering from the disease that is causing them to be away from their happiness and fulfillment. Therefore, you can take free consultations for IVF treatment provided by Save life Spread Smile which is a unit of Ghum India Ghum, a leading travel companies in India


Now, what is IVF treatment in India? In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a treatment used as a part of the reproductive system. It is a technology where the egg is fertilized outside the human body to achieve the results. 

IVF is a complicated procedure where they take the eggs from the ovaries and combine them with the sperm of the partner in a laboratory for fertilization. Therefore, after a few days after fertilization, they place the fertilized egg, or called an embryo, inside the uterus. Hence, the pregnancy occurs when the embryo implants itself in the wall of the uterus.

Who shall take the treatment of fertilization? 

Now, who shall take this treatment of IVF for fertilization? However, no age restriction or eligibility criteria exist for whoever can take the fertilization treatment. However, according to the statistics, recommendations are to take treatment for couples below the age of 35. The couple shall be trying to achieve pregnancy for around six months to 1 year without protection. Therefore, these are the fundamentals and affordable IVF treatment in India for Foreigners, provided by Save life Spread Smile a leading medical tourism companies in India

What are the steps of the treatment?

Suppose you are curious about IVF treatment in India and want to know more about it. Then you shall be taken into consideration for the steps of the treatment. The IVF treatment is a Five step treatment that holds the treatment for the patients. 

The steps of the IVF treatment are as follows- 

  1. The first step in the process is to boost the eggs through superovulation. Hence, you will be producing more eggs than in a normal cycle. 

  2. The second step will be to remove your eggs from your body through a little surgical procedure. 

  3. The third is to collect the sperm of their partners in the laboratory to inject the sperm into the egg. 

  4. The fourth step is to unite the sperm with the egg to start the fertilization process. 

  5. The fifth step is to transfer the embryo back into the uterus for the patient to get pregnant. 

Benefits of IVF treatment 

If you are considering doing fertility treatment, then you would like to know that there are many benefits of the best IVF treatment in India. Therefore, if you are looking for benefits, it can help you overcome infertility in both male and female bodies. Hence, the male doesn't need to go through surgery for contraception. 


You might want to achieve the bliss of having kids at your home as a couple. However, due to infertility, you may be away from this happiness. But don't worry, and you can now take the help of IVF treatment to get pregnant.


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Everything you need to know about ENT treatment

No one likes the feeling of stuffiness in their nose or throat that makes them feel uneasy while they do something. Imagine being so stuffy that you can't sing along to your favorite songs. Or not being able to smell the favorite range of scents you brought into your collection. Therefore, you can look for ENT treatment in India provided by Save life Spread Smile is a leading medical tourism companies in India.

Matters can be more serious than it looks, as we don't have medical knowledge that explains the condition better than doctors. Therefore, you might have a medical condition you are ignoring because it's not diagnosed. Hence, the treatment may vary according to further diagnosis by the specialists. 

What is ENT? 

An ENT specialist is someone who deals with everything related to the ear, nose, or throat organs. Hence, they are also known as otolaryngologists. Moreover, it is believed by some historians that it is one of the oldest medical professions in the United States. Some even say that the treatment began in the 1800s when doctors discovered that the human ear, nose, and throat have a well-connected system that requires special knowledge and attention.

Therefore, the condition that ENT specializes in is hearing, allergies, swallowing, sleep, and speaking. They also specialize in head cancer, skin disorder, nose cancer, and even plastic surgery. Hence, you can check for a free consultation for ENT treatment in India. 

What are the symptoms of the disease? 

The problem of ENT treatment is somewhat easily overlooked because one may feel like it's just normal for them to have a stuffy nose or jammed throat. However, it may be different than you think. Some of the most common symptoms are runny nose, sleep apnea, sore throat, hearing loss, coughing/sneezing, snoring, and obstruction or feeling congestion while breathing in or not. Therefore you can look for affordable ENT treatment in India for foreigners provided by Save life Spread Smile a unit of Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel company in India.

What are the causes of ENT disease? 

The critical structure of our head connects all three organs: ear, nose, and throat internally. Hence, it is really important for one person to understand the essence of these connections to get checked up properly. Otherwise, it can lead to severe problems later on. Some causes can cause the disease to multiply itself. The complexity may lead to problems with causes like ear pain, dizziness, vomiting, ringing in the ear, spinning sensations, sinusitis, and many more. Hence, you can check for the best ENT treatment in India for foreigners. 

What is the common procedure for ENT treatment? 

The most common procedure that head and neck ENT surgeons may perform is hundreds of common treatments, such as thyroid gland removal, eardrum perforation repair, and treatment of sinus. Moreover, they may perform highly complex surgeries in their practice, like endoscopy for pituitary tumors and microsurgery for auditory neuroma tumors in the patient. Furthermore, the surgeon may also treat robotic surgery for throat cancer if diagnosed in a patient. Hence, if you want to look for ENT treatment in India if you feel these symptoms. 


The treatment of ENT seems very complex. Therefore, one individual must get a diagnosis if they feel these symptoms. 

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Kidney Transplant Treatment

What do you need to know before kidney transplant treatment? 

First of all, what is Kidney? It's a pear-shaped organ that plays a significant role in bodily function. Therefore, the main function of this cost part is to keep filtering out the blood by getting rid of the waste from it. Moreover, it helps in balancing out the electrolyte level in your body. Hence, if this important part of your body is malfunctioning, then it can cause a lot of problems for the patient. 

Therefore, many people opt for kidney transplants in India to promote a healthy lifestyle. Now, what is a kidney transplant? It is a procedure that medical individuals prefer to replace a non-working or diseased kidney with a healthy one. Furthermore, this replacement can happen through an alive or a dead person. 

The procedure of the treatment

If you are looking for the best kidney transplant treatment in India for foreigners, you must also be curious about the procedure. The procedure of the treatments starts with the placement of the new kidney on the patient's abdomen. The medical enthusiast places it on the left or right side of the tummy where the blood vessels connect. 

Therefore, Save life Spread Smile a leading medical tourism companies in India, which provides  affordable kidney transplant treatment in India can drastically elevate the condition of a person. Moreover, through this procedure, they can return to their lives instantly. 

Types of Kidney Treatment 

If you are looking at the treatment for a Kidney transplant, you shall look at the types of it. Therefore, there are two types of kidney treatment.

Chronic treatment

The motto of this treatment is to slow down the damages that are a fragment of some disease for the patient. Therefore, in this treatment, the doctor tries to get a plan to manage the condition of your disease that is causing you additional problems. 

Acute kidney treatment

The treatment largely depends on the causes that can partly hold fragments to extend the kidney failure. Therefore, the medical individuals first check what is causing kidney failure. Secondly, they will clean out the wastes and water that are affecting the patient's body before deciding on the treatment. 

What causes the Kidney diseases? 

Kidney diseases can be a fragment of many causes that one may overlook. However, the most common causes of kidney diseases are Diabetes and High blood pressure. These two chronic diseases can cause many problems for the patient by affecting their body. 

Types of Kidney diseases

The concept of Kidney disease is a process that reduces the effectiveness of the function of the organ. The types of diseases are kidney cancer, Goodpasture syndrome, Amyloidosis, Kidney failure, Fabry disease, Renal Artery Stenosis, and many more. Therefore, if you want to take free consultation for a kidney transplant in India, then you can contact Save Life Spread Smile. 


We all love our lives. Hence, we all try to lead a healthy lifestyle with our loved ones. However, diseases can stop us from fulfilling our wish to lead a good life. If you are suffering from Kidney disease, then it is a good choice for you to get a kidney transplant in India to regulate your normal lids again. 


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Knee Replacement Surgery

What do you need to know about Knee Replacement Surgery? 

As people age, the problem of knee pain is pretty significant, which can cause them to feel pain in every move of theirs. Hence, many people often feel about replacing their knees for the better. Knee pain may look simple, but it is very stressful to go through it. To feel problems while sitting or getting up is prominent in their lives. Hence, to take consultations for Knee replacement treatment in India. Therefore, you shall take a look at the article to know more about the surgery. 

Now, what is Knee replacement? Knee replacement is a procedure in medical science that consists of the replacement of damaged and worn-out parts. Moreover, the surgery can help you ease through the pain and make your knee work better than before. Furthermore, the surgery helps you to replace your damaged cartilage and bones to replace them with metals. 

Types of Knee Replacement 

Now you must be thinking about the types there are for the treatment. Generally, the doctor makes the decision to choose the best kind of treatment after drawing tests on your condition. Therefore, after the tests are done, they will suggest the best treatment for your condition. Hence, this will cover the treatment by the medical team that associates medical requirements. 

There are three types of treatment for knee replacement. The first type is Traditional treatment, which involves surgical incision by cutting through the quadriceps. The second type is CAS or computer-assisted surgery that involves anatomical data or a 3d model of the knee. Therefore, the third kind is MIS, or Minimally invasive surgery, which lessens the pain and causes a decrement in blood loss. Hence, you can look for affordable knee replacements for foreigners, which is provided by Save Life Spread Smile in India.

Benefits of Knee replacement treatment 

If you are encountering such extreme knee pain, then you should consider getting your knee replaced through the procedure. Therefore, you must be looking for some benefits before taking the decision. 

  1. You will be free from the pain you go through every day because of your damaged knee. 

  2. You will be able to lead a better life with the cure of the knee through treatment. 

  3. In the treatment, you will be able to learn better ways to make your knee stronger.

Causes of the joint disintegration

The best knee replacement treatment in India for foreigners is one of your greatest concerns if you are going through knee pain. But what causes the joint integration? One of the most common things that cause abrasion is arthritis. The condition may cause you to wear out your knees more slowly, leading your knee to feel joint friction and pain. The regular movement can expose you to feel shifts in the surface of the knee. Osteoarthritis, Traumatic Arthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis are the main causes of this problem that causes the need for knee replacement.  


It can be a big problem for you if you need to feel the pain in your knee that hinders your daily work life and routine. Therefore, if you are looking at the details of knee replacement treatment in India, by Save Life Spread Smile then you can consider this through this article. 


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Liposuction/Fat Removal Treatment

Everything you need to know about Liposuction/Fat removal treatment

Obesity in India is a huge problem for many people. No one likes to carry extra fat in their body. However, in some cases, these fatty residues are stored inside your body and won't respond to any exercise or dieting. Thus, in that case, one can consider the affordable fat removal treatment in India by Save life Spread Smile a unit of Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel companies in India. In this article, you can understand the basic fundamentals of the treatment. 

What is Liposuction, and why is it done?

In simple terms, the word liposuction is a procedure that removes unwanted excess fat to improve body shape and the ideal body of the patient. The process is sometimes known as body contouring which one may use to get the ideal shape. 

Liposuction treatment in India is very useful for reshaping one's body parts like under the chin, cheeks, arms, neck, stomach, head, breast, hips, ankles, thighs, calves, and knees. However, the procedure of Liposuction is a risky surgical medical thing which involves a painful recovery. Therefore, think twice about taking the surgery because of its medical complications. 

Benefits of Liposuction 

If you are considering taking a Save Life Spread Smile's free consultation for fat removal, then there are many benefits that one can attain. Therefore, here is a list to understand the benefits. The first benefit of Liposuction is that it may elevate self-esteem in the patient. Reducing fat from the body can reshape it and help you achieve your ideal body. Hence, there are many benefits of Liposuction. 

Types of Liposuction 

There are three types of Liposuction one person can attain while having the treatment to achieve their ideal body shape. As we all know that having excess fat is not only something that ruins your body shape but also is extremely unhealthy. 

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction: It uses ultrasound to liquify the fat of the patient, making it easier to remove. This treatment is mostly done to remove fat from the abdomen, back or sides. 

Laser-assisted Liposuction: This treatment uses low-energy waves to make the fat in a liquid state and is removed through a small cannula.

Tumescent Liposuction: To attain this treatment, a local anaesthesia is used in the part of the body to insert the pump for fat removal. 

The procedure of Fat removal or Liposuction

Every obese person wants to achieve a healthy level of fat in their body. Hence, many people would like to know more about the best liposuction treatment in India provided by Save Life Spread Smile a unit of Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel companies in India. Therefore, it is important for a person to understand the procedure of fat removal. 

The procedure of Liposuction starts by making a little surgical cut over the part of the body to insert a small tube. The tube is often known as a cannula that is inserted beneath the skin. This small tube generates vacuum pressure to treat the fat under the body. The cannula is inserted in the body part where you want to remove the excess fat from your body. 


People often feel depressed when they see excess fat on their bodies. Hence, many people try to learn more about liposuction treatment in India by Save Life S. This article can help you understand the basics of the treatment. 


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What shall you know about Cardiology? 

Having a slight pain in your heart may be the reason for your worries. Hence, you must consider getting a diagnosis for your heart pain. Therefore, if you are going through discomfort, heart pain, or other symptoms, then it's a good idea to get yourself a check-up. So if you are seeing yourself to a cardiologist, you shall know what cardiology is. 

The term Cardiology is a medical specialty that is a branch of internal medicine to deal with heart problems. Therefore, the treatment deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems such as congenital, coronary, and valvular heart disease, electrophysiology, and heart failure.

Types of cardiology 

With the advancements in medical science, you can now find the cure for heart disease. Therefore, there are many types of cardiology treatments in India provided by Save life Spread Smile is a unit of Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel companies in India that you would like to know more about. 

Invasive: This treatment involves an individual to go through open or minimally surgical invasive to go through the problem with the patient. Therefore, the surgery is performed to check electrical or structural abnormalities. 

Non-Invasive: The treatment checks for abnormalities in the patient's heart without any needles, fluids, or instruments in the body. 

Interventional Surgery: This treatment is a non-surgical option for the patient, where they insert small flexible tubes to repair any damaged part of your heart, For instance, damaged artery or narrow blood vessels that harass the structure of the heart. 

When shall I take the treatment? 

Heart pain that looks normal can be an indication of an underlying problem that you might be looking over. Therefore, you shall not ignore these signs, which could be a problem for you in the future. Moreover, if you are seeing some common symptoms of heart problems, then you might be a patient that needs a cardiologist to check your underlying issue. Hence, you can take a free consultation for cardiology in India from Save life Spread Smile which is a leading medical tourism company in India.

Symptoms of cardiology 

Matters related to the heart can be very complicated, and that's why you shall take into consideration symptoms that you might feel normal. Cardiologists, most of the time, state that symptoms show up in someone or an individual in different ways. Hence, the symptoms may vary for you. 

However, some common symptoms are heart palpitation or heart racing, feeling like you will faint, worsening breath, or shortness of breath. You may also feel like having discomfort in the heart, noticeable weight gain, and swelling in your leg. Therefore, if you feel these common symptoms, you shall look for affordable cardiology treatment in India for Foreigners provided by Save life Spread Smile is a unit of Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel companies in India. 

What does cardiology involve? 

Before you go through the Cardiology treatment in India, the cardiologist makes sure that they thoroughly check your treatment history. Hence, they may check your weight, blood pressure, lungs, and some more tests to begin with your treatment. 


Matters with the heart are complex, whether it's emotional or physical. Therefore, you may need to take care of the issue with utmost care and dedication. Hence, if you are going through even minor symptoms. It is better to go through the best cardiology treatment in India. 



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